Conditions for Admission to the Bachelor's Degree

Conditions for admission to the bachelor's degree

Important information

To enter paid education, an applicant must have one of the UNT (Unified National Testing) 2022 certificates held in January, March, June or August .

To participate in the competition for an educational grant, the UNT certificate is valid, held from May 16 to July 5 of the current year.

Threshold scores for admission to an educational grant in the OHPE (organization of higher and postgraduate education) - at least 50 points , and for specialties in the pedagogical direction - at least 75 points .

At the same time, for each subject of the UNT and (or) a creative exam, you must score at least 5 points.

(For more information about the UNT, see the section “Rules for the UNT 2022”).

Persons who have not scored a threshold score, with UNT results with inappropriate combinations of core subjects, with canceled UNT results, are enrolled in OHPE full-time education on a paid basis.

In the event that the applicant did not score a passing score on the UNT, held in August , he can enroll in the OHPE for a paid department. The applicant in this case will be conditionally enrolled in the university and he will have the opportunity to retake the UNT during the current academic year in January, March, June and August. If he fails to pass the UNT for this period with the required scores, he will be expelled from the university, and the amount he paid for his studies will be canceled.

Deadlines for receiving documents

Acceptance of documents and enrollment from June 1 to August 25

Acceptance of applications for passing the creative exam from June 20 to July 7

Creative exam is held from 8 to 13 July

Conducting a special pedagogical exam from June 20 to August 24


TaPE (technical and professional education) graduates and

applicants on the basis of the 2nd higher education

TaPE graduates entering related areas on an abbreviated form of training on a paid basis are exempted from passing tests (admission based on an interview);

- Applicants for an educational grant in an abbreviated form must pass the UNT and score at least 25 points on its results, and at least 35 points in pedagogical specialties, including at least 5 points for each discipline of the UNT and (or) creative exam .

- College graduates who wish to enter other specialties of the undergraduate program , other than related, pass the UNT on a general basis.

- Applicants on the basis of the second higher education are accepted for paid training on the basis of an interview.

List of undergraduate educational programs





Professional subjects



6В02101 Design (fashion, interior, advertising)

2 creative exams

6В02103 Decorative arts

6B02104 Scenography



teachers with a subject specialization in general development

6В01401 Preparation

physical education teachers


2 creative exams

6В01402 Preparation

fine art teachers


6В01403 Vocational training


Manufacturing and manufacturing industries


6В07201 Technology and design of light industry products




6В07202 Technology and design of textile materials


Business and



6В04102 Economics



6В04103 Accounting and audit

6B04104 Finance

6В04105 Management

6В04106 Marketing



6В04201 Law

Human. Society. Right. Story


pedagogy and psychology

6В01101 Pedagogy and psychology


Biology, geography



teachers without subject specialization

6В01301 Pedagogy and methods of primary education


Biology, geography


Information and Communication Technologies

6B06101 Informatics



6В06106 Information systems

6B015 Teacher training in natural sciences


6В01501 Training of computer science teachers




6B01502 Biology teacher training




6B01503 Geography teacher training




Social sciencies

6B03101 Psychology


Geography , Biology


For additional information on the conditions for admission to undergraduate studies , see the " Model Rules for Admission to Education in Educational Organizations Implementing Educational Programs of Higher and Postgraduate Education", approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 31, 2018 No. 600 (as of November 5, 2021) .